Our Goose is Loose

Our Goose is Loose – and we love it!  We have had the good fortune of having a number of chefs, restaurants and businesses throughout the US use their culinary talents to showcase the wonderful flavors of our Goose products.

We’d like to take the opportunity to highlight and thank these folks who offer our products to their own customers.  Their dishes delight those who already love goose and provide other patrons the opportunity to try goose or goose products for the first time.

Our first featured restaurants come straight from The Big Easy – The Delachaise and its spin-off restaurant, Chais Delachaise.

The Delachaise
This gem of a restaurant is nestled in the heart of New Orleans, and is a wine bar that’s well-known for its interesting interior (a renovated box car), its fantastic wine selection and their Pommes Frites. Pommes Frites are french fries cooked in none other than our Rendered Goose Fat, and are served with a malt vinegar aioli and spicy peanut satay. Among the many amazing attributes their restaurant receives, a common theme on reviews from Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor is how much customers LOVE the goose fat fries.

Delicious goose fat fries and $5 wines “all dang day” – who could resist?

Chais Delachaise
With the success of The Delachaise, owner Evan Hayes decided to keep a good thing going and opened Chais Delachaise.  Chais Delachaise is a wine bistro (a “chais” in French is an above-ground wine cellar) with a globally inspired menu, that includes the Pommes Frites, which are served with a spicy ketchup and a malt vinegar herb aioli.


Schiltz Foods employee, Tonya Metz, was fortunate to travel to NOLA this past year and visited The Delachaise.  She was able to experience the amazing hospitality of their staff, in addition to the Pommes Frites, among other dishes.  She confirmed what all the rave reviews were about during her dining experience – not only the Pommes Frites, but the entire meal was fantastic.


If you’re ever in NOLA, be sure to stop by The Delachaise or Chaise Delachaise (or both!) to try their Pommes Frites made with our Rendered Goose Fat!




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